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50 Years of experience with keyboards and DAWs.

From Atari 1040 ST with Notator/Creator to

Logic 10.8 

I started in 1974, Fender Rhodes Mark 1, Hammond

Tonewheel Organs, Vox Continental 2 Organ, Early Analog Synthesizers like Formant Modular, which is basically a Moog Modular Clone,

Korg Polysix Yamaha DX7, Korg M1,

Oberheim Xpander, EMU Max-Sampler,

Kurzweil K2000 and K2600, Korg M50, Nord Electro,

Roland Boutique Vocoder, Korg Microsampler

Just to name a few of my favorite Keyboard Instruments

-I still have most of them and some more - watch and  listen in the "My Keyboards Section"



Some Video and Audio Examples of my Studio Work as a Keyboarder

paul für keyboards.JPG


Some Video and Audio Examples from Concerts

paul für keys live.png

My Keyboards

Photos, Videos and Sound Examples of my various Keyboard Instruments



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