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Intro to "a remark you made"Per Matthisen´s Heavy Weather
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Skylark Labelnight 2018-Shortcuts from the final set, featuring all musicians from three different projects that presented a new album.

3 Drummers:

Lukas Koenig,Patrice Heral+Lukas Böck

2 Bassists:

Raphael Preuschl and Robin Gadermayer

Wolfgang Puschnig on alto and flute

Patricia Moreno on vocals and

Paul Urbanek Keyboards

 2017-Live at Porgy&Bess

"The Spirit Of Joe Zawinul"

Wolfgang Puschnig-alto+flute

Patricia Moreno-vocals+percussion

Robin Gadermayer-bass

Lukas Böck-drums

Paul Urbanek-keyboards

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