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Some of my favorites as a producer

Directeur artistique/Realisation

O pa quiAlegre Correa
00:00 / 06:10

Alegre Correa Sextett featuringHermeto Pascoal on this song

Production, Mix and Piano/Keyboards

constant movingkarl sayer
00:00 / 06:44
theme from cities without pedestrianskarl sayer
00:00 / 05:12

Karl Sayer-Bass/Leader, Lukas Koenig-Drums,Ilse Riedler-tenor +soprano, Wolfgang Schiftner-alto, Paul Urbanek-Production,Mix,Master,Piano/Keyboards

Dig that riffSimone Kopmajer
00:00 / 04:00
Mood IndigoArtist Name
00:00 / 04:04

Production, Mix, Master and Piano, two compositions

My Wonderland-Front.png
Something NewSimone Kopmajer
00:00 / 03:43

Production, Mix, Master and Piano, two compositions

all along the watchtowersoulmates
00:00 / 05:32

Production, Mix, Master, Piano/Keyboards

Idea, production

some keyboards-

DVD-Advent Calendar

DVD-An abstract portrait of my friend Patrice Heral-Idea, production and some keyboards

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